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Any way to make the new version look like old one?


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Are there any skin sets to make the latest version look like the older version? I have 1.8.2 and when I updated to the latest, I couldn't stand how the download bar changed colors and the icon changes ect.

Has anyone made a skin to make the new version look and feel like the older?


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There is a skins app where you can choose the skin you want.

It's called: You had to make an surgery operation to feed yourself. Nah usuing mouth,

I mean, skins is a MAIN Function. I don't wanna deal with some applications,

Srsly, firstly, You need to learn about app (applications?)

Then open site and searching, searching apps.. oh here it is

Then, after installing some sh*t you had to search again with NO TEXT SEARCH ability.


And again. You had to leave the main program, installing another program just to change style.

IT's lame :/

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