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Newbie - please help

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Hi, I'm kind of new to torrenting and have a couple questions:

1. On the download torrent pages, I keep reading people's comments, "please seed! Please seed!"...excuse me for asking but what is seeding, how does one seed and what is the purpose of it? I realise this may be a incredibly obvious thing to those of you who have been torrenting forever but if one of you can explain this to someone who is new to all this, I would be grateful!

2. Some programmes come with separate subtitle folders and it's very helpful sometimes to have the subtitles, but when burning onto a DVD, how can one incorporate the subtitles so it is also burned onto the DVD with the film?

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Ok thank you, but then how do I know how long i should keep something open for it to continue seeding?

So generally, when looking at statistics before downloading should I look for ones that have the higher number of seeds, for a faster download??

Also, why is the download speed so eratic, sometimes it's really high and it's downloading at a fast speed and vice versa...why does this happen.

Still don't completely understand what is a peer and what is the connection between a peer and a leech?

Where can I go to get info about my second question?


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There are a multitude of factors to consider when looking at torrent speeds. The number of seeds is ultimately irrelevant though.

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 covers steps to help you get better speeds.

Common courtesy for seeding says to leave it for close to or over 1.0 ratio.

For your video question, you're going to need to get support from a video processing forum.

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