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Very varied download speed without changing number of peers =S


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This isn't a I think which client is better thread, I'm trying to find out what's happening on my end with the difference in download speeds. I was torrenting Deus Ex HR (ironic, because I've bought it, but want to skip some of the download for when I get the key tomorrow, etc.) in uTorrent yesterday, and found the speeds wouldn't pass 30kb/s which I found out since I had 10+ seeds, which would usually give me speeds of 600kb/s+. I thought something had happened and I didn't have time to find out what, so I switched to BitComet for the time being, which got me speeds of ~300kb/s after a few minutes.

I tried the same torrent again on uTorrent 15 minutes later, still 10+ seeds, but the max speed was about 120kb/s after 15 minutes, with drops down to 15kb/s. After 20 minutes it just dropped to 3kb/s and wouldn't download faster than that. Any ideas? :S

I'm using Windows 7 x64 Home Premium, running nothing but an idle firefox browser at the time, only had one torrent client open at a time, max upload speed of 75kb/s (although it wasn't uploading at all for some reason), and otherwise default settings for the latest version. In the setup, my port was tested to have been forwarded, but for some reason in the client's UI itself, the red circle - exclamation mark thing is there.



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