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Up speed not limiting

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Ever since I upgraded to uTorrent 3, my upload limits aren't respected, either globally or per-torrent. I searched the forums here, but the only suggestion I can find is setting the restriction to uTP connections. I've done this, but it hasn't helped. My torrents all upload as fast as they can regardless of what I tell them.

I even did a complete uninstall and deleted the data folder and re-installed fresh. This fixed the problem until I used the uTorrent Setup Guide. After I used it, then I was back to rampant uploading.

Any suggestions? Here's my Bandwidth panel. Thanks!


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At most I have 3 concurrent torrents, but usually just 1. My line is DSL rated for 6.0 Mbps down and 512 Kbps up.

Note that the settings screenshot isn't currently set for much of a global upload limit. Typically the issue is attempting to set it per-torrent (though the global doesn't work either if I set it).


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