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utorrent freezes at startup


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Windows 7 Ultimate - Avira Antivirus installed - utorrent ver 3

utorrent freezes ALMOST everytime I start the system, after it scans through the different torrent files existing. If I close it from task manager it still holds a process called utorrent but the UI is unavailable. Tried to close it with Sysinternals - Process Explorer by means of Powershell or cmd but it's like a DAEMON! :) So I'm guessing that there is something corrupt in the file where it holds it's torrent databases. I already deleted all the torrent files from my HDD but still it freezes when ending the scan for torrent files.

What I would like it's to start with a new torrent database file for utorrent. How can I do that?

Thank you.

PS: All this sh*t started only after I upgraded to version 3. All former versions were working flawlessly and I was ecstatic about this small piece of software until this new version. PLEASE DON'T RUIN IT IN THE FUTURE!

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Finally I nailed it down. It was the Windows Live Mesh Service that conflicted with utorrent in this specific case. I simply start the Windows Live Mesh Service manually now and everything works perfectly. The developers should take a look at this issue. Thank you for your quick reply DreamWingKnight!

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