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Restricting upload slots.


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Hi, my upload speed is only around 26kbs so i go into-preferences-bandwidth and only have my upload slots set to 3.

This certainly speeds up the upload and i believe that utorrent then chooses the 3 with the faster speeds to distribute the seeds. But i also notice that utorrent does not always stay with the same seeders.?

I am using utorrent 2.2.1 at the moment.

I have a friend who has asked me to seed everything to him and he will seed it through his seedbox and this would be ideal if i could figure a way to have control over who i seed to but i cannot see how to do this (if it is at all possible).

Can anyone point me to a guide that might already be here. Or any other advice.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the reply. That is basically all i wanted to know.

You do capitalize -FAR- from being beneficial?

I would have thought if one could seed most to a faster seeder then they would get to the 100% mark and bring it home quicker.

I know that a solution to this would be to seed up to a seed box then run it from there.

If i was not using the 3 slot option, my upload would take forever- and thanks to u torrent i let it run the checks to get me there.

Thank you for the reply.

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There are a lot of factors you end up ignoring by trying to micromanage swarms (over 99% of people who try to micromanage ignore these factors).

The first one, and probably the one most important to NOT ignore, is the fact that a VAST majority of users have worse upload than download. So uploading to the fastest person you're connecting to won't necessarily get the pieces out faster.

It's part of the reason that some of these functions are so hard to do even when they are available. People will use them wrong and/or for stupid reasons.

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