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uTorrent Mac settings


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hi there, looking for a bit of help with my uTorrent settings. using version 1.5.6 on my MacBook Pro.

went to speedtest.net and here's the results...

download speed: 14.7 Mbps

upload speed: 0.69 Mbps

1. what i should set "Global connections" and "Per torrent limit" to?

2. enable/disable DHT and PHX?

3. enable/disable outing encryption ?

4. enable/disable randomize port ?

5. enable/disable NAT-PMP/UPnP?

simple answer would be great, but if someone would mind explaining some details about what these settings do that would be even more appreciated.


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1. Connections. These are the # of peers you will connect to. Limit the global value if your router becomes unstable with lots of connections. This list might help, but it doesn't appear to be updated often.

Try the higher values first, and work down if there are problems.

Global: 100-300

per torrent: 10-50

2. DHT and PEX are peer exchange protocols that work without a tracker. You want both ON whenever the torrent allows it.

3. Encryption is for working around bad ISPs or countries unfriendly to p2p. Check this page to see if your ISP is listed. If your ISP/country do not require it, then I suggest the middle setting - allowed but not required. Provides some security with max compatibility.

4. Randomize port - no opinion, someone else can comment.

5. NAT-PMP/UPnP - someone else can comment.

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We recommend going with the defaults. In other words, if you don't change those settings, µTorrent should work fine.

If you are having a specific problem, or think you can do better than what we have set, we make the settings available for you to adjust. Of the settings you mentioned, I would be careful increasing the Connections limits.

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