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uTorrent with Apache / ProxyPass - changing directory from /gui/


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Hi all,

I have installed uTorrent server on my web server and it's working fine when accessed at mydomain.com:myport/gui. However, I would like to change this to mydomain.com/utorrent.

This issue has been brought up on the forums before, and I followed the advice given. If I add the following lines to my Apache config file:

<Location /gui>
ProxyPass http://localhost:10000/gui
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:10000/gui

The following things happen:

* I can access the WebUI at http://mydomain.com/gui

* I can still access the WebUI at http://mydomain.com:myport/gui

However, if I replace all instances of /gui with /utorrent in the JavaScript files (I have not missed any references in the installation directory unless they are obfuscated in the utserver file), and amend my Apache config to the following:

<Location /utorrent>
ProxyPass http://localhost:10000/utorrent
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:10000/utorrent


The following things happen:

* Accessing http://mydomain.com/utorrent shows the text "invalid request", and the server returns a 400 error (much like what happens when you normally try to access http://mydomain.com:myport with the /gui subdirectory)

* Attempting to access http://mydomain.com:myport/utorrent gives me the same 400 error

* Attempting to access http://mydomain.com:myport/gui shows the WebUI "Loading" screen

For this reason, I believe that there is some undocumented (at least on these forums) location, other than the .js files in the installation directory, where the directory /gui is hardcoded. Does anyone have any knowledge in these matters, or does anyone have any idea where else other than the installation directory I could go looking?

Please let me know if you need any more details.

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The main uTorrent program hardcodes all its information to come from /gui/

Attempting to connect to /utorrent on that level (your localhost:10000/utorrent in your example) will ALWAYS fail because of this.

OK. I suppose my question is then:

* How do I change these references? Is it planned to make this configurable in the future?


* Why do many guides on these forums say that the process I outlined above should work?

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Change your proxypass values back to /gui

No it's not planned to make it configurable.

OK, I understand what I want to do isn't possible. What I don't understand is why people have posted guides to change the ProxyPass value in the Apache config and JavaScript files if it can't be done in the first place... :S

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