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Strange Problem Utorrent Not Connecting


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About 3 or 4 weeks ago uTorrent has stopped connecting and is not forwarding ports. Port Checker also reports that ports are not forwarded. However, I have had the same Internet provider for over a year now and everything used to work fine with ports forwarded fine.

But this is the other strange thing that I noticed has changed that may be connected or the cause of this problem. I live in a Country in Central America (3rd World Country). When I used to do a speed test at http://speedtest.net/index.php it used to correctly locate me in the city I live in and ping the closest other city in my same Country. Now I noticed that when I run the speed test it now shows me located in Miami, FL, USA, and pings the closest other city in Florida, USA; usually Fort Meyers. I can give you the external IP address that all programs now report me as having if you think it will help (including PFPortChecker).

I just had technicians here from my Internet Service provider (BTW servicer speed about 3MB/s d/l and 0.8MB/s u/l) at my house for 2-hours trying to help figure out why uTorrent has suddenly stopped working. I have tried all troubleshooting tips i have read from other threads I could find. The technicians were also shocked to see that http://speedtest.net/index.php shows me located in Miami, FL. It is the first time they have noticed this. These same technicians have been at my house before and they have witnessed that I used to be shown in my correct Central American city. They don't know why.

My guess is that the "big bosses" of this Service Provider have changed the way their system works but have not let the technicians know. They probably acquired a building in Miami and filled it with servers and are now sending all the signals through Miami through maybe some sort of VPN technology or something. I don't know but that is my best guess.

The technicians are currently going to go to other customers houses and see if they also now show as being located in Miami, FL. Anytime they used to use http://speedtest.net/index.php from customers houses it used to also correctly show them located where they actually live here in Central America. I'll let you know what they find out when they call me back with the news.

Do you think that this weird reason that the outside Internet now thinks I am in Miami, FL has anything to do with why uTorrent no longer can connect with any other computers? And why my port is no longer forwarding?

This seems like such a weird coincidence that I'm thinking the two things are related. And if so, is their some kind of work-around this this to get uTorrent working properly again?

Any advice or replies will be greatly appreciated! :)

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