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Windows mktorrent + WebUI


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Is there any talented people out there that could come up with a way to use the windows version of mktorrent (what is used in rutorrent) along side our WebUI.

For example we could edit the WebUI with a button that launches the app GUI remotely in pop up window. Have it set for a specific directory (where downloads are stored) and the have it set to save the resulting torrent file to a specific directory which would be used by the back end as the torrent autoload directory or give you option to save torrent locally for adding to your tracker.

A friend of mine was eager to have a go at doing this but has had to go away for a while so cant pick it up. Is there anybody here like myself who would love to see this functionality for the WebUI?

One of the sites Admins has said that there is no plans to ever add this feature so it looks like its upto us to make it happen via community :)

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you mean open a "browse for file" (or folder) on server side ?

(to make .torrent file on server side)

I think yes, it's possible, will try somes things and I comeback soon.

Yes bud exactly :)

Basically what rutorrent does with mktorrent.

Would be great to be able to........

  • Use on multiple instances of uT on same windows profile
    Assign utorrent download folder for browsing of files/folders.
    Assign auto-load folder that uT uses for automatically loading torrents once created.
    Launch-able via edited WebUI button

Good luck, It would be awesome to have this ability with uT webUI. :)

Thanks for having a go :)

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