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For some reason when it starts to download at speed 2.2mbs and it runs for about 5mins it crashes and (not responding) displays at the top left corner!! If I change the speed to make it around 1.5mbs or even lower, after around 5mins the same happens again!! I have no idea what's causing this!!

Anybody know a cure???

Just thinking out loud here but what I'm doing is saving everything directly to an external hard drive, one which does not automatically shut down when not in use and I'm sure on the package it came in it says that if it's on for a certain length of time it needs to be switched off for a certain length of time!! It's getting pretty full aswell silo could it be that which is conflicting with the programme, could it be slower because it's been on for so long? Do you recommend that I save torrents/downloads to my internal hard drive and see what happens from there!!

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