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Please help me share this file <Admitted leecher trying to reform>


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Hi all,

Apologies for choosing this forum if incorrect, couldn't find "Please help ignoramus" thread.

Until now I've been mostly a leecher. I'm trying to reform those leeching ways and give back. It isn't as easy as I thought. A new Doctor Who fan, I've been completing a collection and sharing what I've accumulated. There is a glaring hole out there and no one has ever had a particular file. So I decided to get it from a file sharing service (god what a pain!) for myself and to share it with the hordes trying to get it. Not working!

It isn't clear to me what details to share, but this is a start. Please let me know what to white out in the screenshots where appropriate. Thanks!

- Adrielle



Thus far ineffective and probably feeble attempt to share this file


Trackers lined up salivating to get this file


My connection speed


Up and down


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