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Problem renaming a torrent in the "Name" column


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I noticed that when I try to rename a torrent file in the "Name" column, another torrents gets renamed. This is specially true when the torrent I'm trying to rename has just been added to uTorrent.

The first time it happened, I had just added a new torrent for download to uTorrent, then I selected the torrent name and clicked it again. As usual, the text color remained black, and it's background changed to middle gray while the text itself remained the same. I added a couple of words at the beginning of the text, leaving the rest of the text untouched, and then clicked on the adjoining column to deselect the text. To my surprise, the torrent that I though I had just renamed had exactly the same name as before, and another torrent a couple of rows below the one I wanted to rename had the exact text I had just typed.

This doesn't happens all the time, but still it's annoying.

Anyone else with this problem?

My uTorrent is version 3.0, and I'm using Windows XP SP2 in spanish (I use utorrent in english).

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Thank you.

By the way, I think the problem it's in the selection itself, rather than in the renaming. Yesterday, I dropped and dragged another torrent to uTorrent, then I selected it with a click . The line was highlighted in gray, but since I happen to have the file tab opened, I noticed that the files it displayed were not the ones corresponding to that torrent, but the ones corresponding to the torrent that was first in the jobs list. I clicked again the torrent I wanted to select, but nothing happened. It was until I clicked on another torrent and then in the torrent I wanted that the torrent name and it's corresponding files were displayed.

Weird, isn't it?

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