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uTorrent is not writing content to the disk resulting in disk overload


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After starting a torrent, utorrent downloads content into the cache eventually filling up the cache memory. None of the content are getting written to the disk. The utorrent process becomes unresponsive and I've to kill the process using task manager/process explorer

The write statistics is clearly showing that cache is getting filled up and none of them are getting written to the disk.

All my disk cache settings were checked ( Except overriding the default cache size )

Things that I tried :

1. Increasing the cache size. Disk overload 100% message got removed for some time being till the cache got filled and the message pops up again. So this one is of no use

2. My disk are in RAID 0 config, so writing speed is much much higher than my download speed ( 200 kB/s )

3. Checked my firewall and utorrent is not blocked. If firewall is the issue utorrent shouldn't even download content, but it's getting downloaded .. just not getting written to the disk. Same is the case with AV

4. I was able to write files into the location where utorrent is trying to write file. So it's not a permission issue.

5. Disabled windows caching in the preference, but it actually frozen my system. So I've to hard reset. Not an option

This looks like a bug on utorrent side. Is this getting fixed or any workaround currently available ?

My client is running on Win 7 SP1 64 bit. The client version is utorrent build 25460 - 32 bit

Any help is appreciated. If you need any more info from my side, let me know.

For the time being I'm going to use another bit torrent client.



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