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Recheck Problem When Selected a Directory to Move Files After Download


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Hi i am Using Version 1.5.6 (25588)

I am Using Separate Folders For Downloading items and Finished items

so When a Torrent is Downloading it Keeps Files on Folder "Downloading"

and if Finished .it Moves Files From The Folder "Downloading" to another folder "Finished"

After Removed Torrent (Only Torrents not Datas) If i add a torrent for seeding it checks The Folder "Downloading" only.. it doesn't checks the folder "Finished" so when even if the torrent is finished and Files are in The Folder "Finished"... after adding the Same torrent it starts to download from the beginning hope you will fix it ....

I Don't Know About Windows Version of Utorrent You Better Check That Too

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