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Can't reopen finished torrents without them trying to redownload


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I'm using uTorrent 3.0, and wanted to move my scattered torrents and downloads (all of which were seeding/finished) to the same folder, so I 1) deleted all of them from uTorrent, 2) moved all of the torrents (the torrents I originally opened; I don't have uTorrent set to "store" torrents) to a "Torrents" folder and all of the downloads to a "Downloads" folder, and 3) reopened the torrents with "Add torrent (choose save dir)" and chose the appropriate folder for each. Some of their status bars flashed "Checking" for a split second, and then they started downloading again.

Is this a client issue, or a tracker issue? (and if it's a tracker issue I will gladly seek my answer elsewhere) And is there a better way to move torrents/downloads in the future? Thank you!

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