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what happend?


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ive been using utorrent for a while and ive had amazing seeds then all of a sudden anything and everything i download just sits on a red status bar. i dont know what happened

im using microsoft security essentials and i have utorrent enabled.

on all of my torrents it shows this for the trackers...

DHT- working- waiting for announcment

local peer discovering- working

peer exchange- working

then it shows 2 more trackers that also say their working

the seeds and peers for all are at 0

i also ran the setup guide and i get error code 10060 with a red x for bandwidth and for network i get a yellow check with asterisk and it says port is not open(still able to download)

if anyone can help me id appreciate it, i just wanna get back to my downloading. like i said 2 days ago i was downloading at awesome speeds and now its just dead. please help!!!!

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