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Large ipfilter.dat causes freeze


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I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this but I've had this problem for awhile. After a certain release in the 2.x line, I was no longer able to start the new utorrent versions. After some trial and error to see what was the issue, it was narrowed down to my ipfilter.dat. I didn't want to bother making a post and figured someone else would have mentioned the issue at some point. However, this doesn't seem to be the case since even in the current version, it still freezes when I either try starting the program with the ipfilter.dat in place or when I manually try to load it when the program has already started. Back to the older version I guess.

I don't really care about how block lists are considered false security or snake oil. That's besides the point. It was working perfectly fine in previous versions, and now it does not. I haven't tried to find the exact size where it will freeze the program nor am I sure if it happens on every computer. If ipfilter.dat support has been depreciated, please let me know. If further information is required, I might be slow in responding but I'm sure I'll get around to it. If anyone has any other additional information that might solve this issue, I'd be grateful for the experience.

File size of the ipfilter.dat is 59.4 mb (froze.) utorrent 3.0 b25583 on windows 7 enterprise. An 3kb ipfilter.dat was used in comparison testing (worked successfully.)

Thanks for reading.

Just an addenum: While this seems more like a bug report, I was hoping to see if any other users were experiencing this before I blindly post something in that section when it might be user error.

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