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Remaining downloading not take place on next scheduled time.


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I have activated the scheduler. During the scheduled period if i download the torrent the downloading of the torrent files starts OK. After the schedule period is over the download stops.But when it again starts at next cheduled time the down loading is not done. The down loading speed shows " 0".and I cannot download the files from that particular torrent. 4.5GB)

When the file size is big the downloading cannot be completed in scheduled time and when it starts remaining down loading next day at scheduled timed the down loading does not start and downloading speed for that particular torrent shows "0"and there i experience problem.

But at the same time if i download another torrent the files of new torrent are downloaded perfectly.

I have win 7, 64 bit. Utorrent latest version.

I may state that i am a layman and cannot understand technical words.

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