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Speed peaks and troughs in uTorrent causing connectivity problems


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SYSTEM: Windows 7 64-bit / 2Gb Ram / Wifi 54Mbps full 100% connection

UTORRENT: 3.0 with default settings

Im having serious issues with my laptop and wifi - im using uTorrent to download files and it maxes out my connection just fine at 1.8MB/s .. but after 10-15 seconds at 1.8MB/s it drops to 20-30k for a short period then goes back up to 1.8MB/s for 10-15 seconds...during this "low speed" period my internet is just about non-responsive, i also get 502 errors from mediafire when trying to upload to them too.. especially larger files as they are uploading for longer..

ive noticed too that my internet speed/latency can be sloppy afterwards even when uTorrent is closed, if I reboot the laptop everything is back to normal...until I run uTorrent.

can anyone help with this? - has anyone else had this sort of problem with utorrent?

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