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uTorrent 3 seemed to reset itself last night


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GOt up and checked on my torrents and they were all got and the program had reset itself, all my settings were gone, torrents gone, files were still there though, though I did lose any partial torrents I had going.

Anyway after setting everything up again, adding the deleted torrents again in the proper directories, it starts to download them in stead of checking for them in in the finished folder, so move all the files into the download directory force a recheck and it only said about 90% of the torrents were complete, weird because one of them was the Transformers3 movie that I just finished watching that night. MAGIC TORRENTS now.

Also on the tabs on the bottom where you can check your speed graph and other things like peers and files, I seem to be missing some now, it shows files, info, peers, rating and speed, NOw I am 100% sure that there was one there that said pieces and another that showed logs, both poof gone during the time I went to bed and the time I got up

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