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In need of an update!


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So, uTorrent 3 came quite out of the blue for me. I was setting up a pc for a friend when I noticed their utorrent was different from mine. I have to admit I'm not always up to date with torrent client development, but somehow I wished my very own uTorrent 2.0.4 had caught on to the latest changes and automatically update. It failed to do so, and it consistently fails when I use "check for updates": "Unable to contact update server."

The thing is, I could easily do an uninstall/reinstall, but I literally have hundreds of torrents queued on seed and I don't wish to lose all that upload potential. So, really, I'm out of ideas as how to join the u3 ranks.

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I'm not sure I understand the problem.

  1. While µTorrent is closed, backup the utorrent.exe executable located in the installation folder.
  2. Do the same with your settings folder, %AppData%\uTorrent. This folder also contains your torrent files, unless you've specified a custom folder for saving them.
  3. Download the latest version and install it. If all went well, it should start off with your old settings and torrents.

If you want a way to update µTorrent and keep it running at the same time, that is not possible.

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