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I am still getting: Configuration Error: Invalid request.


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My system setup:

Debian 6 Squeeze

uTorrent Version: utorrent-server-3.0-25053

And webui_shell.0.7.0.zip

I managed to setup everything following the readme. i have set up the instances and everything.

But when i login to the webui i get the following error

Configuration Error: Invalid request.

That appears on the top of the screen in red

the top of the screen looks like this:

µTorrent Webui-Shell Change password Statistics Configuration Error: Invalid request.

i have tried all the following:

Make sure the webui is enabled in µtorrent. Checked

Make sure that if you enabled the webui alternative port in µtorrent that you used that port in that user's instance. Checked

Make sure that the restricted list in µtorrent is either empty or that the IP of the computer running the Webui-Shell is in the list. Checked

I can login to the main gui perfectly. but when i login via webui_shell it just give me the above error and says Loading...

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