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utorrent 3 stable. ram, freezing and stop working.


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lucky for me, i never had that much of problem with utorrent ever since i started using it long time ago.

but now, for some strange reason all of sudden these problem are happening all at once since yesterday.

my downloading was going fine but when i started to download a file of 5Gb, it started to acting up.

first is was as though that all my ram was eating up by utorrent. which i check in task manager. as utorrent was still there when i forced closed it.

freezing my system that i had to reset each time as well after a while. and it also is stop working and i have to closed it and free from task manager.

with all this, all my other browsing and system stop working for few seconds and work again but than again after few seconds. and so on.

so now i have removed that file. and after that the system and utorrent seems to working fine for now.

can you please look into this why it happened.

my system for record.

amd 3400+ , msi7228 , 1gb shared (with graphic internal), have 13 gb free hard drive where i am saving.

auto setting of utorrent.

hmmm... and maybe this is bug issue as well.

when i down screen the utorrent and re up the screen it takes a sec to show the current downloading and uploading and etc and how the order is. which i did not had this problem in the previous version.

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