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uTorrent ICON question


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Sorry if this has been asked before.Looked ,didn't find anything about this topic but if I'm wrong and it's 'pissing you off' just simply ignore my question if you choose not to help and answer me.Thank you.

Now to my question.I installed a second internal hard drive to which I re-directed my downloads from uTorrent.I remember when the 'downloads' were going to my 'old' drive (before I changed it to my second HHD) , what would happen is I would ONLY get the downloaded files themselves , as in NO uTorrent icons.Perhaps I'm not good at explaining what I mean so I'll try again.

Is there a way to set it up so that ALL MY DOWNLOADS do NOT include the little ,green uTorrent icons as well?It's a bit ( a lot ) annoying because it looked so my cleaner (before) when all I ended up with was JUST the files and folders.

Help would be much appreciated!

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