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Utorrent won't download anything

Diverse Tea

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Whenever I put a torrent on download it runs for around a minute. Then all the trackers suddenly become either 'inactive' or 'scrape ok' and the availability goes to 0.

Is there any way I can fix this as it means it is impossible to download torrents at the moment...

Could you please try the latest beta build that is available on the site (1.5.6)? It contains a lot of fixes in compare to the version that you are currently using.

We are about to publicly release it, so it is stable enough and worth trying.

Please let us know if the problems exists in that version as well.

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I recentlly switched to mac from pc, tried both the latest version( which i had on pc with no problems) and the beta as suggested, but i can't upload or download anything, I don't even get to the setup guide to test ports.

Do i need to change network or sharing settings on the computer? I never had to do that with pc, it always worked great. I hope i won't regret getting a mac.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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