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Problems downloading torrents in Bolivia


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I am new at downloading torrents and last night was the only time it actually worked and I'm wondering why it did work last night?

To answer this question you need to now that I'm located in Bolivia and my ISP is Tigo and also listed as a bad ISP: http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Bad_ISPs#Bolivia

Which consequences has this fact to me? Could you explain to me which disatvantages I obtain by downloading torrents in Bolivia?

I thought by beeing listet in bad ISPs there is no way I could probably downloading torrents, why was it possible?

Last night I could not complain about speed-issues because I got up to 1200kb which is quite fast for bolivian circumstances.

I also have to mention that I tried to install uTorrent previously (at daytime) but it didn't work (couldn't connect to its server to get started), but last night at 1:00 a.m. I tried again and supriseingly it worked and I could start imediatly downloading torrents.

Last night there was a disconnect once but I could connect again.

But today in the morning uTorrent seems to be dead, the completed downloads are okay, but the uncompleted downloads wont start again nor can I esteblish connection with the uTorrent server to download for example other translations.

Also all downloads such as the completed ones as well as the uncompleted and unstarted downloads where marked red this morning.

My internet connection is not very good (I can compare with connections in Germany cause I'm actually german) but it is the least I can get, so for example the connection turns very bad during the rushhours around noon and in the evenings and I hardly can connect to normal browser-pages.

Maybe the cause is about the fact concerning the bandwidth is limited during certain times a day or that .torrent downloads are prevented or filtered?!

But in the case the downloads would be prevented, how was it possible for me to download yesterday so smothly?

Thank you very much for your answers and explanation! :)

Greeting from Bolivia

P.S. All the ISP in Bolivia through which you can possibly obtain Internetconnections are listed in the bad ISP-list, so it wont be an option for me to switch to a good ISP

P.P.S. The following test: Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic resulted in "Our tool was unable to measure your link" although I am connected right now.

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