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Because they largely don't use ranges that are actually on the blocklists. They use ones that are allowed.

Wait, really?

Let's do some sleuthing shall we?

Opening up the ipfilter.dat file brings up a listing of IP ranges... So let's see if your hypothesis that this is an allow only list is true.

Browsing through this list, there's a listing for Rockstar Games. Producer of such games like Grand Theft Auto and L.A. Noire. Being a big name game studio I'm sure they at least don't look too friendly upon illegal torrents.

The list specifies the ranges of So let's see if this is a correct range for Rockstar Games.


So, maybe you're still right and they're allowing connections to Rockstar Games, but! It's not the lists fault, I hardly see a reason why uTorrent would only allow connections in ipfilter.dat.

I will do more investigating later.

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Hi Everyone, I been using V 1.9....and just received a email from the cable company about copyright usage.....I guess you guys already came across this...Im looking to install the newest version of utorrent and wondered if that would block IP address or if there is something I can do so I can continue downloading with out getting in trouble.

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