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uTorrent not accessing all available seeds?


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I'm using a recent version of utorrent, and am downloading a torrent that started last night. It had 4 seeds, and was accessing all 4 of them with a down speed of about 250 – 300 kb/s. I woke up this morning, and now the torrent has 8 seeds, but utorrent is downloading from only one, with a down speed equivalent to dial up about 5 to 20 kb/s. I've got no problem with my connection, as other torrents have downloaded fine. This particular torrent is about 8gigs, and I've already downed about 4gigs?. I've right clicked a few times to "move up queue", but it is still sitting at 9.8kb/s as I'm typing this. Very slow and frustrating, and yes it is from a public tracker. can't afford usenet. :( Thanks


Just done some further research on this forum, and Followed some directions which basically was Options>Preferences>Bandwidth> unticked "apply rate limit to uTP connections".

and downspeed is still around 25 kb/s from 2 of 4 seeds.

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