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The maximum loading of memory UT 3.0.25583


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Win 2008R2Sp1.

I apologise, bad English.

Version 2.2.1 has been established, all perfectly worked.

Has established version 3.0 (has updated over old, all options old, from 2.2).

In total in the list of UT tasks - 7 everything, are active 2 (some feasts) - a little downloaded torrents (small loading).

At work 3.0 in the dispatcher of tasks Windows I see, that process utorrent.exe takes away memories of an order 18 Mb.

After about hour work memory of process does not change, and the quantity of the general free memory is equal to zero (total 4 Gb, before start uTorrent.exe it is free 70 %).

I close UT - memory is instantly released, I start - the empty seat starts to decrease and in an hour on the personal computer strong "brakes" are observed.

I am rolled away on version 2.2 - all normally with memory.

What can be?

Can any new options have appeared in 3.0 which it is necessary to correct?

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I had the same problem. I have a dual-boot system: XP on 1 hd and Windows 7 on another. I mostly use XP and uTorrent filled up memory on XP. One day I got a warning from my bank that I had a Trojan (Mebroot). They have a litle program that scanned the MBR, it found a problem but couldn't repair it. I scanned the HD with McAfee, Malware Bytes and Spybot, but they didn't find anything either. I did the following to get rid of the Trojan:

at first I used Fixmbr from the original Windows-cd, started XP, but the litle program from the bank still found a problem. Then I powered up with Windows 7 and let McAfee scan the XP hd (XP not being active). And yes, McAfee found 2 Trojans hidden somewhere in Documents and Settings. McAfee removed them, I powered up in XP, used the litle program from the bank and it found nothing! And uTorrent didn't fill up my memory anymore, problem solved.

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