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P2P and uTorrent testing


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I'm quite new to P2P networking so excuse me in advance if i am not expressing myself clearly.

What i am trying to do: my build system spits out file update.bin and i want this file to be shared

between peers.

For first investigation i am trying to setup some test environment and sniff the traffic:


- i have bt.tracker.enabled to true

- i am disabling dht and udp tracker (i feel they are unrelated to my problem and want to force tcp)

- my tracker is

- i am creating private tracker

Attempt0: run two uTorrents on the same host, but capturing lo interface under windows seems to be problem. Defeated.

Attempt1: run instance 1) of uTorrent in virtual machine and run another instance 2) on hosting machine.

in virtual machine I created the update.bin and created new torrent from directory c:\update containing update.bin (see Q1), and instance 1) switched to seeding state. good.

i copied the update.torrent on host machine, gave it to instance 2) of uTorrent and.. nothing happened.

in wireshark i saw only scrape and announce requests in sequence:

GET scape

HTTP 400 error

GET announce



GET scape

HTTP 400 error

GET announce


Attempt2: this is just same, but with instance 2) running BitTorrent instead. this works, i have nice log of the transmission. weird it does not work second time, i have to re-create .torrent in instance 1), then copy and paste into 2)

Attempt3: use a monotorrent lib's SampleClient as instance 2)

oh, i do not know about this, i am getting a lot of exceptions such as error 400 for scrape request, or 'peer ids do not match'. i wonder if it's a viable way...

So my questions really are:

Q1: Why the .torrent created from exact file c:\update\update.bin is switched to 'downloading' mode instead of seeding as in the from_directory case?

Q2: Why the Attempt1 does not work? What am i doing wrong, please?

Q3: How do I force re-download in instance 2) apart from creating whole new torrent?

Q4: Do you have any experiences with the monotorrent lib?

Many thanks for your attention,


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