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Is there still a anti leech/'download limited' due to upload cap set?


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i'm using v 2.2.1.

whenever I set my upload limit to 16 KB/sec, my download speed eventually makes its way down to 300-400 KB/sec.

however, there is no 'download limited' message that appears in the status bar like before. is there an option to turn this message on?

then when I raise the upload limit back to 32 KB/sec or higher, my download speed instantly hits the maximum again (1.25 MB to 1.4 MB/sec according to utorrent).

I thought the anti leech was removed several version ago?

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well that's odd. why am i just now noticing this behavior?

what do you mean by 5% of upload? percent of what? of the current download speed?

Every time you download some data your end needs to tell the other end that it got it OK and please send the next bit. That response, along with setting up connections, and other overhead, uses 5%. So, if they send you 300KB of data then you need 15KB (5%) just to let them know you got it OK and what you want sent next. That is before you send any upload data to them.

There are configuration options to show the communication overhead and to include it in calculations. Older versions would still upload 16KB and then invisibly add on 15KB of overhead. That is not good if you are managing a limited upload bandwidth. The default now is to include the overhead in the limits.

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