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µTorrent 3.1 Release Candidate 11


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This version will focus on minor fixes and improvements from the

recent 3.0 release, and also includes the ability to easily drag and

drop contents onto Apple (via iTunes), Android (directly) and PS3 and

XBOX (via USB) for file types that are within the target formats.

We've also been working hard to improve performance over 3.0 in almost everything.

Download the new version now!

Release highlights:

  • New: Devices node allows you to add a target device such as an Apple
    device, and then drag in-format content to that device. The devices node
    is hideable.
  • New: BEP33 (DHT scrape)
  • Change: Disk I/O optimization
  • Fix: Shutdown Hang when deleting torrents
  • Change: Opening >10 torrent folders now asks you "are you sure?" to avoid opening hundreds of windows
  • Fix: downloads now show up in the RSS feed view
  • Change: Speed tab is now shown by default
  • Fix: DHT responses would sometimes be invalid
  • More efficient format for saving resume data will reduce CPU/disk contention
  • UI optimizations make torrent pane update drastically faster for
    updating many torrents

Known issues



-- 2011-12-08: Version 3.1 RC11 (build 26591)

- Fix: bug where piece with hash failure would keep failing

-- 2011-12-07: Version 3.1 RC10 (build 26586)

- Fix: More accurate iTunes detection

- Fix: If android device is disconnected show text 'connect via usb'

- Change: Default sparse files to off on all platforms

- Fix: make sure we switch over to selected category tree node if no nodes were selected

- Change: Double click to pop out Plus player

- Fix: Remember media files (e.g. mp3) copied to devices (not transcoded) after ut restarts.

- Fix: Fix sorting by percent column in device pane and conversion pane

-- 2011-12-07: Version 3.1 RC9 (build 26583)

- Change: revert cache size change from RC8

- Fix: more crashes

-- 2011-12-06: Version 3.1 RC8 (build 26573)

- Fix: fix issue where no-torrents pane would linger even when there are torrents

- Fix: VLC would crash on win 7 after you stop playback

- Fix: Crash when initially detecting, or plugging in, a phone.

- Change: for now, apply cache size once per run until we track down a problem.

-- 2011-12-05: Version 3.1 RC7 (build 26563)

- Fix: VLC player would crash the second time you used it

- Fix: various edge cases where we wouldn't re-associate with files

- Fix: a couple of sources of erroneous hash failures, mainly multihash

- Fix: fix potential shutdown hang when deleting torrents

- Fix: issues with embedded free player

- Fix: correctly transfer to android and game devices

- Fix: make sure there's enough space before transferring to device

- Fix: couldn't hide app column

- Fix: don't load invalid media

-- 2011-12-04: Version 3.1 RC6 (build 26554)

- Fix: refreshing of status bar and tabs

- Fix: report errors when failing to add files to iTunes

- Fix: fix iTunes detection

-- 2011-12-03: Version 3.1 RC5 (build 26545)

- Fix: Allow setting external player from Preferences dialog

- Change: Disable resume_dir functionality by default (Enable with "resume.enable_resume_dir")

- Fix: Be more picky when detecting inbound SSL connections

- Fix: Smart hash only on a piece boundary (fixes hashfails)

-- 2011-12-02: Version 3.1 RC4 (build 26536)

- Fix: fix issue where installer would show up on every launch

- Fix: Don't ask user for ut Remote security question over and over (and over)

- Fix: several crashes related to adding phones

- Fix: disk IO shutdown hang

- Fix: fixed torrent filtering issue when skipping files

- Fix: use WideCharToMultiByte to determine the length of a narrowed string

- Fix: show devices when selecting to add a device in context menu, if hidden

- Fix: fix language pack loading issue

- Fix: fix torrent filtering issue for completed torrents

- Fix: save and restore add torrent window size

- Feature: add advanced option to perform silent autoupdates (silent_auto_updates)

-- 2011-11-28: Version 3.1 RC3 (build 26519)

- Change: added advanced option to turn off the low disk priority setting (to use normal disk prio). requires restart

- Change: raise disk IO priority to normal when shutting down, to not hang around for too long

-- 2011-11-23: Version 3.1 RC2 (build 26508 )

- Fix: flickering progress bars for checking torrents

- Fix: fix shutdown hang where a hash job would be left hanging, preventing shutdown

- Change: explicitly show the torrent state when it's done downloading but flushing to disk

- Change: show trackers tab by default

- Change: hide 'App' column by default

-- 2011-11-22: Version 3.1 Release Candidate 1 (build 26495)

- Change: enable windows disk cache for writes by default. Improves write performance, especially with sparse files

- Change: enable sparse files by default on win7 (disabled on vista because of filesystem bugs). This should fix most disk-overload issues

- Feature: ask for save filename up-front when creating a torrent (improves usability)

- Fix: ability to create torrents with thousands of files

- Fix: Visual improvements on certain Windows versions with large system text size

- Fix: compute disk congestion for evert cache write. avoids overrunning cache size

- Change: Move apps node to the bottom of the category tree

- Feature: Support creating larger files on exFAT filesystems

- Fix: fixed incorrect teredo MTU assumptions

-- 2011-11-14: Version 3.1 beta (build 26462)

- Fix: Files will automatically transfer if the associated device is attached when conversion completes

- Fix: fixed stopped/paused mixup in skincolor file

- Fix: fix disk cache issue where it would constantly be flushed

- Feature: Ability to select a library for save destination on Windows 7

-- 2011-11-04: Version 3.1 beta (build 26419)

- Fix: Encoding audio to iTunes

- Feature: show scheduled conversions in devices pane

- Fix: Updating of the availability column

-- 2011-10-21: Version 3.1 beta (build 25835)

- Fix: Hang writing partfile for multifile torrent containing a file > 4GB

- Fix: fixed missing tracker status updates in download list

-- 2011-10-13: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25788)

- Fix: fixed broken hide/show detail pane

- Feature: progress bars when copying files to devices

- Fix: "Manage search providers..." linked to the wrong settings pane

- Fix: fixed SSDP response when alternate listen port for WebUI is enabled

- Fix: fixed flickering of the alpha feedback link in toolbar

- Fix: fixed issue where the no-torrents message would sometimes not go away when adding a torrent

- Fix: portable mode was broken. Now also does not create the DNA cache directory in %appdata% when in portable mode

- Change: Track USB devices separately from DeviceNodeDelegates

-- 2011-10-06: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25760)

-Fix: Addressed several crashes

-Feature: Added UI to inform people when their license key is accepted and their

product is converting to Plus

-Fix: Files can now be deleted from devices

-Change: Android devices now show up as mounted, improving the ability to move

converted files to Android phones

-Fix: The license key is no longer "lost" when crashes occur

-Fix: Made other minor user experience enhancements

-- 2011-09-19: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25671)

- Fix: Add Devices Pane does not show Tabs Context Menu on right click

- Fix: Drag and drop from files tab to non-Device Category item does not crash

- Fix: memory leak

- Change: don't show balloon tip when loading torrents with errors on startup

-- 2011-09-15: Version 3.1 alpha (build 25664)

- Fix: Memory leak in seperate resume files and bencoded entities.

- Fix: Speed up Torrent View Drawing

- Change: Automatic Detection of USB storage devices

- Change: Added a Device node - used to add and keep track of USB storage devices added by the user

- Change: Can Add Apple, Android, PS3, XBOX360 devices

- Change: Can Hide main Device Node

- Change: Remove specific devices by right clicking in the Left Hand side Category tree

- Change: Ability to Drag Torrents from Torrents view to Devices

- Change: Ability to Drag Files from Files Tab to Devices

- Change: Opening multiple torrent folders with return/enter key - asks user "are you sure?"

- Fix: Shutdown Hang when deleting torrents

- Fix: downloads would not show up in the RSS feed view

- Feature: support BEP 33 (DHT scrape)

- Fix: prompt the user when opening containing folders if more than 10 torrents are selected (PT story #15525561)

- Fix: do not send advanced hidden settings back to the WebUI (PT story #15573343)

- Fix: cattree spinner does not stop spinning when adding a invalid torrent URL from a btapp (PT story #15617649)

- Feature: Enable pairing from LAN IP ranges, to enable LAN streaming.

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UT 3.1 Alpha issues list:

Known issues:

* Copying to devices not finished

* Plus transition UI not implemented

* Appropriate Codec list for devices only partly filled in


* Wrong availability in torrent list http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=606418#p606418

* ETA on stopped torrent http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=606418#p606418

* Got 3 seeding torrents, 1 on hard disk and 2 on a USB device. "Completed" and "Seeding" shows (3) but the only torrent that is there is the one on the hard disk. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=607472#p607472

* "Clear peer list" doesn't change the (X) numbers in "Seeds" and "Peers" columns immediately. I see the correct numbers only later. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=607472#p607472 [GUI update issue]

* Crash on relocation http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=608956#p608956

* Downloading filter also shows Seeding torrents http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=609510#p609510


* Unidentified memory leak http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=606418#p606418

* Torrent context menu "shows through" in devices pane http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=606420#p606420

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Hello. This release program is very large memory consumption. This is a permanent memory leak. After an hour of relaxed utorrent was consumed 250Megabayt and memory consumption are increasing.

P.S: 112 Torrent: 10 invalid, 80 completed and stopped, 22 active, 2-6 is always active.

My upload speed is usually about 2-4 Mbit \ sec. You have my attention for further development. Please release an update soon to fix a memory leak. Thank you.



crash : http://www.mediafire.com/?plku201eo1a262g

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"Change: Disk I/O optimization"

"More efficient format for saving resume data will reduce CPU/disk contention"

can some1 provide some info about that?

Yes - we had a system for saving resume data that serialized all resume data to a file called resume.dat. That worked well for a small number of torrents, but was very inefficient for many torrents.

Some users with a large number of torrents were seeing significant UI pauses.

One of our engineers made a clever suggestion: save the resume data for each torrent in a separate file. Those files are being stored in %appdata%\utorrent\resume_dir

That gives us the following benefits:

* No more contention on resume.dat

* No huge in-memory data structure is constructed to be written out

* We can choose to write the data for only the torrents that have changed

* We do not have to write resume data for all torrents at the same time

As a precaution, we left in saving to resume.dat for now, so just in case there is a problem, you can downgrade safely. However, leaving this in negates the performance improvement, so once we are confident in this optimization, we will remove the code that saves resume.dat, and only save the resume_dir style information.

(We'll leave in the code to read resume.dat, so that it is possible to seamlessly upgrade)

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"Change: Disk I/O optimization"

"More efficient format for saving resume data will reduce CPU/disk contention"

can some1 provide some info about that?

One of our engineers made a clever suggestion...(We'll leave in the code to read resume.dat, so that it is possible to seamlessly upgrade)

0. Who is this clever guy ? ... ;)

1. Did he take care that the "Delete" (torrent + data) will delete those file(s) as well ?

2. Did he provide a way to delete ("clean") ALL unused files in case the user delete the torrent(s) form the task list

3. Will the location of those files be under the exe path in case the "install" (exe) is in a user selected path ?

I'm sure we'll have fun with the related bugs... :)

edit: maybe - do auto-clean on uT exit ?

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And you still don't give a s**t 'bout lots of users' requests to enable sorting of the tabs in detailed description...

This is your only warning. This forum is here for us to serve our users, and for them to help each other. If I see any abusive behaviour toward BT employees, moderators, or any forum member, I will personally ban you.

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