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µTorrent 3.1 Release Candidate 11


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Here's a bug: gui.tall_category_list = *false breaks the sizing of the torrent list vs. the details pane. Also even when gui.tall_category_list = true the category list can't be resized smaller than a certain width.

This is how it's supposed to look


This is how it looks after the latest update


Clicking twice the "Toggle Torrent View" button repairs it but after restarting the application it's wrong again

Also, when closing:


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I would like to add one more thing to the 99.9% issue.

(This is what I noticed when restarting utorrent after having a torrent stuck at 99.9%)

Even at 1% -- if working normally, i can get better speeds. So if a transfer goes at say 50KB/sec, I close utorrent and reopen, and it immediately goes 1MB/sec. Well, something like that.

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Strange bug: if I set a label to several torrents and then remove (I mean delete from utorrent in general and not move to another label) all the torrents from the label - label is removed as well.

It gives me an idea for a new feature - label oriented operations - like delete all torrents with a certain label(s) , or maybe move them to somewhere.

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Firon , AdamK , DreadWingKnight , tell how to use :






I'm unsure what fqdn is. Probably an auto-filled value. Primary and secondary DNS are auto-filled from the bep22 lookups.

policy override allows you to ignore when the peer policy requests to block you from connecting to certain IPs.

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New client up and officially release candidate now!

We believe we've fixed the 99% issues, but please let us know if it's still happening.

I'm unsure what sparse actually does, but it's not enabling itself on Windows 8 (WinNT v6.2) so you may want your check to be a greater than ">" instead of an equal to.

Also, should it be enabled when using an SSD, or doesn't it make a difference?

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Alright. A few things.. updated for RC9

1) gui.tall_category_list = *false breaks the sizing of the torrent list vs. the details pane. This is due to uTorrent acting like gui.show_plus_upsell = *true (and allocating the category list space for it) even though I have it set to false. The program must be restarted for the issue to present. Screenshot.

2) The category list can't be resized smaller than a certain width. Likely also due to acting like gui.show_plus_upsell = *true. "This is intentional" - AdamK

3) Using the slackware (x86 complete) test torrent I still observed it exceed the write cache limit massively (420/32). After deleting torrent (+ data) while exceeded I get "Error: <torrent name> - The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request." Then it looks like it's slowly getting rid of the queued cached writes, but even after Queued hits 0, the cache still appears exceeded (296/32) and only clears with program exit. Dump for stuck cache is here: uTorrentDMP.zip.

4) Still seeing a few pieces getting stuck hashfailing repeatedly in RC7 using the above slackware torrent; this time piece 240. Dump for repeated hashfails (7 had occured so far) is here for RC4: uTorrentDMP2.zip.

5) "ReadFile error: <filename>:1488701569:2954:1823755:19" after adding a torrent where this was a file I set to skip. Reproduction: Add a 2 file torrent where 1 file already exists fully downloaded but with a different filename. Uncheck the second (undownloaded) file in the dialog and uncheck Start torrent. Go to the Files tab and Relocate the first file to the renamed local copy. Start torrent makes it check the files. Once it gets past checking the first file, the second brings up a ReadFile error even though it is set to skip. "We will not have time to fix [this] for 3.1" - AdamK

6) Same 2 file torrent scenario but this time with the first filename matching that in the torrent. Second file still unchecked, and Start torrent is checked this time. Adding starts the torrent and causes the files to be checked. Once it gets past checking the first file, it actually goes ahead and creates the second file even though I set it to skip. "We will not have time to fix [this] for 3.1" - AdamK

Also what are the statuses of these leftover items from 3.0?:

a) "Columns [reset] on upgrade [...] We will fix this for 3.1" - AdamK

B) The stream/playback button lags when the horizontal scroll bars are moved. Not the flat version, the "Windows-ized" version once you click it/it becomes available.

c) Tab reordering. Is this still happening? "We are definitely going to do something about the tabs. Expect it. Don't expect it in 3.0" - AdamK

d) If ratings/comments are disabled, the dialog when removing a torrent shouldn't show up full of ratings/comments related stuff. I don't want to hide the dialog completely because I like having the failsafe of it asking me if I'm sure, but it shouldn't be asking me to rate something after I spent the time to go through all the options to disable ratings everywhere else. Basically it should just look like the multiple-torrent remove dialog when ratings have been disabled.

e) The search engine toolbar icon/box area still shows when the search engine list is empty in the Advanced options UI Extras (this is a reversion from old pre-3.x behavior).

f) Icon still pops up in the Notification Area (System Tray) on program start until hovered over; this is even though all System Tray UI Settings are disabled. Other settings: Set to start minimized and start with Windows.

g) Could gui.color_progress_bars please apply to the Info tab and maybe Pieces as well? It doesn't make sense to revert to the basic blue/etc. in one area but not these others. "That makes sense. I will run this by the non-programmers" - AdamK

As an addendum to (g): I would have no problem with the default green, etc. progress bars if they were easier to read... The gray text on downloading files needs to be black. The background colours are almost too pastel for the white text to be easily read as it is; could they also be darkened a bit?

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1. Remote access does not work.

"Failed to connect to uTorrent Remote"

Screenshot: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/706/remoteaccess.jpg/

Tried different usernames/password combos still broke. I notice this doesn't appear in the known issues list but this problem has been around a while now.

2. Can confirm sparse files is set to false on Win7 32bit

Glad to see last window position/size is now remembered! Annoyed the hell out of me!

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Sorry if this has already been covered,

I noticed that you have now split the resume.dat, What woudl happen if we wanted to downgrade utorrent, is there a way to merge the resume.dat file back into one.

Also how would we migrate data to new system/drive. does this mean that we now have to manually edit each resume.date with bencode editor. For example I have 1-4k torrents in some of my clients, and have on some occasions needed to move to new drive or system and edit the resume.dat/settings.dat to change references of drive so that stuff would continue to seed.

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Just got home and I see a 99.9% torrent. One file is at 99.8% and the rest is 100%

Wasted = 2.17MB (low for a torrent of 4GB in size)

Seeds= 44 connected, 892 total.

Download speed = 0.5kB/s.

I'm on latest version of uT as of today.


Edit: just reverted to the stable version of uT and the 99.9% torrent finished instantly.

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Sorry if this has been reported already, but I closed uTorrent and it won't leave the task manager. I have to manually kill it, causing all my torrents to be checked in the next program start.

And then the windows cache bug that still remains while checking freezes my computer unless I disable "read cache" in advanced :(

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