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µTorrent 3.1 Release Candidate 11


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Focus on "Devices" feature and a new "resume" system before performance and bug-fixes - completely messes up this release (GUI, cache and much more). This is, in fact, regressing uTorrent instead of improving the 3.0 line as planned :(

Exactly. Pushing releases out of the gate before they're stable, and then moving on to insane new features which introduce more problems before ironing out the old bugs; This just makes it way harder to track which regressions happened when and decreases the likelihood of ever getting back to stable in the long run.

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I still have the same problem about it showing ETA when I have stopped a torrent



Have now seen another probler/error


By some reason It would not take the Upload speed and show it in the torrentlist window

Thanks for reporting this. Both of these bugs have been logged and are currently being worked on.

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Using this version' date=' the utorrent client also freezes from time to time, especially when downloading speed is over 1MB/s[/quote']

Are you on Windows 7 x64?

2.2.1 -> 3.0 release-> 3.1 alpha

WIndows x64. The reported problem(80% of 8G is consumed) is a rare situation, but I think it strange to use about 800MB memory.

I set disk cache to 256MB, not disable the windows caching of reads&writes. The size of all torrents is 280MB or so , with a lot of rss feeds and labels. So it is not strange if utorrent takes about 300MB to 600MB. But I have no idea why the rest of the memory is gone occasionally?

BTW, is it possible to stop uttorrent reading all torrents when it starts?

Besides, if the default value of gui.update_rate is 1000, the client is unable to use. I manually set it to 15s to make it respond a bit faster.

Hi, we're building some performance profiling tools. We'll send you a build as soon as we have this working, so that we can diagnose your problem.

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It's been 5 years since my last post, but before the 3.1 cycle ends, I was hoping for one feature: When opening a torrent with µTorrent, the torrent popup comes up before the status file is read and labels parsed out of it, so no or few labels show up in the popup. This only started with 3.0 and its asynchronous loading.

It'd be very helpful if they either got dynamically added to the popup as they are parsed out, or delay the popup a couple of seconds to give the parser a chance to read the labels; otherwise I usually have to go back and add the torrent to the label manually after starting it.

This is only an issue when the program is closed, of course. Adding a torrent when it's already opens works great.

Thanks for keeping µTorrent going!

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. This bug has been logged. No ETA yet on a fix, but we promise to look in to this.

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hi all hoping for some assistance just upgraded to v 3.1 beta (25835) 32 bit am running win7 ultimate 64 10gb ram was all fine until upgrade now am unable to get get any downloads to work have tried 4 different sites and 12 different torrents but to no avail all i get is this error message " metadata not being loaded!" have tried looking in the forums but could see a solution please help

This is a rare error that we have seen from time to time and it is definitely on our list of issues to resolve.

In the meantime, try torrents with trackers instead of magnet links.

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Please do some work on GUI ^_^

1)All is ok here


2)availability bar looks too bright(it will be nice to get background color form windows theme settings)


3)graph looks too bright (hope for system background color here too)


4)Look at the peer tab - it doesn't know about system settings ;)


When opening a torrent with µTorrent, the torrent popup comes up before the status file is read and labels parsed out of it, so no or few labels show up in the popup. This only started with 3.0 and its asynchronous loading.


Thanks for the post. First, a work-around is to create a skin and customize the colors. Here is a guide on how to do that. Meanwhile, we've got a long list of bugs to work through and may not get to this soon. http://www.utorrent.com/community/developers/createskin

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Thanks - Please work around this column sizing bug for now - it will be a while before we get to this one.

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With this 3.1 I have been getting a lot of FAILED HASH CHECK messages. Will get 99% or so and then crap out and fail the same piece every time from every peer.

I have multiple torrents exhibiting this behaviour. I can download the same torrent files in 2.x without issue.

If I stop the torrent, and perform a force recheck - the torrents will then complete normally.

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Strange thing... For some torrents progress reaches 98%-ish and then loops in the download of the last few kilo\megabytes... Force re-check - torrent is 100%...

This should be the same issue I just posted about above you. If you check the log you will see FAILED HASH CHECK for the same piece over and over and over!

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lighttpd 400 error

[10/Oct/2011:21:44:26 +0800] "GET /announce.php?passkey=xxxx&info_hash=%16YzK%81%88A%2c%1e%09_r%ce%fb%28%87%ef%8f%afV&peer_id=-UT310B-%a0d%ef%f1%e3%e3%84%60L0%5bz&port=63145&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=0&corrupt=0&key=81424F5C&event=started&numwant=200&compact=1&no_peer_id=1&ipv6=xxxx HTTP/1.1" 400 349 "-" "uTorrent/310B(25760)"

Looks valid to me. Seems like there's a problem with your webserver.

I know maybe it's my lighttpd's bug, but why 3.0,2.0,1.85 etc, all previous version is ok?

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Having a problem with with :"adding new torrent" window, which will pop after opening torrent file, the problem is, that in the new version it doesn't remember size of a window after resizing it with mouse on previous torrent add. So i have to resize it every time i am adding new torrent from it's default size to the size that i prefer, is there a way for it to remember it's size after previous resizing or is it a bug? Because previous version worked just fine and remembered size after resizing.

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No idea whether it's 3.1b25835 issue or something bigger but on W7/64 DHT peer counts seem to be way high, especially with freshly created new torrents.

Sometimes the peer numbers climb up to 60-70 and after a while drop back to less than 10. When in high state clearing the cache clears the number but it starts rising again back to it's previous level.

Can reproduce with the following steps:

1) create a .txt file with random contents

2) name the file something unique

3) create a .torrent

4) load the torrent

5) watch peer numbers rise

Just tried that and saw peer numbers change the following 4 seconds - 3, 2, 15, 24. And that 24 stays...

(Edit: emphasised DHT peer counts part)

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