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Files not moving sometimes


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Since UT3 my automatic file moving isnt working properly.

File start in C:\torrent\incompleted then when done goes to C:\torrent\completed but is their label structure for example C:\torrent\completed\Series\SeriesName\Season 1\ if the label was Series\SeriesName\Season 1.

This worked 100% on UT2 but since UT3 sometimes and I havent been able to replicate the problem the files stay in C:\torrent\incompleted

Also if you change the label after the torrent has started is goes into the folder of the initial label, example

a torrent has label Movies it then starts then the label gets changes to Series is will be in C:\torrent\completed\Movies when done.

Where can I get the latest UT2, I want to try a downgrade.

Oh, both folders are on the same drive

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I'm having the exact same problem. The files that do not move when completed seem completely random, I cannot reproduce the error.

I should also note that I'm not using any kind of unique folder structures. I have two folders, c:\downloading and c:\completed. Most torrents move fine when they finish; some get stuck in the downloading folder.

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