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Cannot properly import settings


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uTorrent is not able to properly import custom settings.dat file.

(Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, latest stable build)

1./ Install uTorrent on clean PC without any previous uTorrent installation and close the application

2./ Copy custom uTorrent settings.dat file to your profile, usually located in AppData/Roaming/uTorrent

3./ Launch uTorrent application and instead of loading your settings automatically, will uTorrent installation process start again, but this time, when you click through all screens and click on final "Install" button, uTorrent will freeze and stop responding.

4./ You must wait 1-2 minutes, then kill utorrent.exe process and restart the application. After that will uTorrent start normally, finally with your custom setting.dat file loaded.

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