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What affects download speed other than seeds?


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I have a good internet connection and often see download speeds around 1.7 Mbps. Recently I had two torrents, one with 20 seeds, and one with 100 seeds. The one with 20 seeds was around 1.1 Mbps, but the one with 100 seeds was around 100-500 Kbps. Why was the one with more seeds slower?

A related question is how leechers effect seeds; Why should the number of leechers matter? If you have a lot of seeders, then you can get all the parts of the torrent from them and not worry about the other leechers who don't have the complete file yet. But somehow the seeder/leecher ratio is important...

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Your connection's upload speeds.

The connection speeds of people you're downloading from.

How much you share to other people who are also downloading.

As you've seen the number of seeds is ultimately meaningless to your actual speeds on the torrent.

You actually are more likely to get more consistent speeds from torrents with healthy numbers of seeds and other downloaders as well as having sane settings than you are trying to download from seed-heavy torrents because of how the downloading system works (you get more speed if you have a trade relationship than if you don't for example).

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