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How to activate torrents from a new external hdd?


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utorrent 1.5.8 ( just installed it)

Mac 10.6.8

I had a hdd which has a malfunction right now. I had a download folder there. I bought new one named it the same way hdd and folder too. But all torrents right now is in some kind of hanged condition. Tried re-checking (didn't work). I've installed new version. It said that i should go advanced-> change place to the one the file is in. But it says it will replace the file.

Is anything wrong? how can activate torrents?

UPD: thnx for "help" guys.

nothing really helped of what came to my mind. I deleted all the torrents. Decided to forget it. and know its more funny without any cause the same thing. All torrents zero'ed.

Deleting this software.

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