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Add missing files to the download folder


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I tried to download the new LaTeX distribution via P2P, because the download provided by the official site is horribly slow. Unfortunately every peer provided by the tracker is stuck at 98.8% for two days now, so I decided to download the missing files manually.

The installation worked fine and, according to the file sizes of the files I downloaded manually, the files should match the files disctibed by the torrent (or at least some of them, i guess). My Question is now if there is a way to tell µTorrent to check my files and share them to the other peers.

I already tried to delete the torrent, replace the files in the download folder and redownload the torrent, but it didnt work.

I am using the µTorrent client 3.0 (build 25683) on Windows 7

thanks for any help,


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Stop the torrent. Overwrite the files in the torrent with your newly downloaded files.

Right click -> force re-check. If the files actually matched and they're all there, it should then go to 100% completion.

If not, then the files don't match, or you're still missing files.

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