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Huge amounts of bandwidth used on overhead?


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Here is my situation:

I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 build 25130 and a site that uses a private tracker.

There is a huge discrepancy in the amount of bandwidth that uTorrent records it is using vs. what is actually being used by the server.

If uTorrent is shut down the server uses about 10MBs of bandwidth every 24hours, so there is no virus or otherwise using my machine as a file server. The bandwidth monitor installed monitoring the server is substantiated by my ISPs Bandwidth Cap Tracker.

Here is an example of a test I did yesterday: (I've done several of these)

BitMeter recorded:

2.75GB down and 4.97GB up for a total of 7.69GB

Utorrent recorded:

940MB down and 2.0GB up for a total of 2.94GB

Also, I am not actually Downloading any torrents, all of the downstream bandwidth, I would assume, is torrent overhead. And no; the server is not used for anything else, i.e. web-browsing, gaming, etc...

Please help explain why there is such a large discrepancy, and why there is so much overhead. My ISPs 250GB cap permonth is approached very quickly while uTorrent says I've only used about 150GB.

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Finally had some room in my ISP bandwidth cap to do some testing, does not look like enabling that feature helped.

I set uTorrent to only allow 7GBs per day it hit the transfer cap earlier today but bitmeter recorded a total of 10.37GB of use. (3.82 down/6.55 up)

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