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I rely on people who run a few torrent sites, they told me to get Utorrent 1.6 or 1.7 since the latest version seem to have a few flaws. If I use the latest version I will be banned from a couple of (dutch) torrent sites.

Here's a hint, the people you rely on, they're laughing at you, because you're dumb enough to believe EVERYTHING they say. Either that, or they're the really dumb ones. Either way, you look like a fool.

There's two reasons certain types of people don't like 1.8 or newer

1) They can't exploit the clients as easily, Means they can't use you to make money (such as via botnets)

2) UTP really screwed up a lot of the 'premium' services they were charging for, eating into their profits.

Of course, there's the outside posibility of

3) They've not been paying attention to all the times over the past few years that a lot of the claims made against more modern versions have been thoroughly debunked.

Tell me, do you feel safer following the advice of those people now. I don't work for utorrent, or Bittorrent Inc. I have been very critical of utorrent at times, and in fact, if there was a major issue with utorrent, we at TorrentFreak would be right on top of it. I've been seeing these claims for years, and I follow up on them. That's what I do. I've never found any of these claims pan out, EVER. Heck, we could run an article a day, for a month and not cover all the myths and claims about utorrent that are false that I've collected over the past few years, and I'll bet your 'friends' ones are in them.

My advice is, as always, when you've got a tracker run by someone this clueless, you need to get off it and stay away ASAP. If they're this dumb over easily disproved things, then what else have they got wrong?

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Yes, I am. I keep abreast of stories here, I'm also on lots of other forums. You need to keep your ear to the ground to know whats going on.

Here's a thought then, why not PM me the sites, or the details of what you've heard, I can't investigate them unless I know what you've been told, specifically. Of course, if you would prefer (and don't trust my claims), why not email one of TorrentFreaks writers. Your best bet would be the CTO, Ben http://torrentfreak.com/author/bjones/ since he is working on some pieces on this topic right now (client bans on trackers and the validity of their reasons)

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