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Force Re-Check causes "Not Responding"


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uTorrent 2.2.1 build 25203

Windows 7 Pro

I've recently been moving all my completed torrents to a new drive, so I'm doing a lot of this.

After copying the files and setting the download location, A [Force Re-Check] results in utorrrent going grey and "Not Responding" for several minutes, before returning to normal and then proceeding with the Re-Check.

If this is a known issue that's been fixed in 3.0, upgrading isn't an option as 3.0 is not yet approved on my number one tracker. Perhaps I should reinstall uTorrent?


I just had a thought about what might be happening. I answer Yes to the pop-up box asking to overwrite files. The delay is about the same as the time it took to copy the files in the first place. So I assume I should answer "no" to the query, and re-check on the files as originally copied?




:rolleyes: Yep. Silly me. That's what happened.

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