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uTorrent 3.0 and random "files can not be found" NAS Issues


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I recently installed a network attached storage (NAS) to store my bit torrent content.

I copied all my torrent content files to the NAS. I then installed uTorrent 3.0 on my Windows 7 Client. I have re-targeted by bittorrent uploads to the new NAS location. The files checked 100% then began seeding with no issues.

All was working fine, but now I get intermittent "File can not be Found" errors from uTorrent ever 24 hours at apparently random times. uTorrent stops seeding with the error "File can not be found". When I click on the torrent that reports this error and click start, it immediately begins seeding again with no issues. It does not do this too all the torrents at once, only a few. All torrent files will eventually get this error within a few days and require manual restart.

There are no connectivity issues on the network or NAS box. Video streaming, music etc to all clients works flawlessly. There are not connectivity or access issues reported on Windows logs nor the Synology logs.


Windows 7.0

uTorrent 3.0

NAS = Synology DS1511+

Anyone seen this issue? Have you found how to fix it?


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