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UT connection drops every time i walk away for just a minute


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i've no idea why it's doing that... every time i walk away from the computer for more than a minute, even just to the loo, i come back and the connection is gone until i start typing again... same thing if i lock the computer (windows 7)...

why please? and how can i make it so I can lock the computer and walk away for more than one minute without losing upload or download connections please?

no other programs are affected, the internet stays connected, it's definitely something in the program itself...


Edit: Added "The version of UT I'm using is 3.0 build 25422"

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I have similar problem. As long as I have options menu open or I read help file it is great and fast but as soon as I leave machine unattented it slows right down or even stops


uTorrent 3.0 Build 25683 32bit

D-Link DIR 615 Firmware v1.0 VG

Virgin Media 10Mb

XP Professional SP3

AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.67GHz

2 GB Memory

Microsoft Essentials ( Realtime Protection on )

Malwarebytes ( Realtime Protection off )

Windows Media Player

Windows Firewall

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I'm using Windows 7 and UT 3.0 build 25422 (as mentioned), intel core i7, 8 Gb ram... let me know if i missed any additional info you need to help...

it's consistent... drops to zero for both Up and Down every time after about a minute of leaving the machine alone... only way to use it is to sit here and keep pressing keys all day, very not practical....

ideas and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated please...??? it's extremely annoying.. :(


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