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1.5.8: how to configure "up limit" and "down limit"?

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I'm on capped internet, which will charge me money if I use more than my cap. (It's standard where I live; the other alternatives would scalp me worse.)

There are per-torrent fields "up limit" and "down limit". I think they mean: when you've used this much bandwidth, stop.

They are separate from "up speed" and "down speed", which are per-uTorrent-client, and Preferences/Bandwidth.

Two questions:

- do "up limit" and "down limit" mean what I think they do?

- where and how do I configure them?



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Ok. I'm now asking a different question, which is in the wrong subject area :-)

Should I open a new thread? In case the answer is 'no', I'm putting the content in here.

Are there configuration items where I can specify the maximum amount of total bandwidth to use until I reconfigure? (As distinct from speed controls)

I've read the FAQ and tried to searching, and not yet found such a set of items.

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Although the "Transfer Cap" settings are not yet implemented into the Mac version, they are still supported and do work.

To get access to them you'll need to install the Classic WebUI (get it here) and log into that from a browser (local or remote). Go the the preferences from the WebUI and there is a section called "Transfer Cap" which you can enable and configure.

I have it set up and running on my system capping my downloads at a daily limit, but you can set a monthly limit also. It's very handy.

I have found a number of settings that work through the WebUI that have not been implemented yet into the Mac version. Obviously the code is still operating inside the Mac version, but a graphical interface has not yet been created to allow access to the features.

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