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Shortcut opens setup


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After a fresh install of Windows 7, I installed the latest version of uTorrent and restored the %appdata%\uTorrent folder from backup. Everything went fine except that now I need to do the setup dialog again everytime uTorrent starts. (Settings, torrents; everything remains intact after it, no problem there.)

Please help. Thank you.

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Same here:

Installed uTorrent on a fresh XP Pro SP3 installation and then copied my "Application Data\uTorrent" folder from another PC where I had all my settings ready.

Now double-clicking on uTorrent (shortcut or exe in program files) starts setup everytime instead of launching.

Edit: [FIXED] I deleted all ".dat" and ".old" files except the "settings.dat" (which I assume holds my settings) and the problem is gone. uTorrent opens normally now

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