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[HELP] New Zealand New Monitoring Laws


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Hello everyone new to these forums.

So here goes, New Zealand has begun monitoring downloads for copyright infringement. Now before this becomes a problem for me or anyone I know, I would like to find out if there is a solution to effectively hide an IP address.

From what research I have done online it seems that nothing is 100% effective save not downloading. I have also read about VPN websites such as VPBTUNNEL or BTGuard. However these have subscription costs.

Is there anything which is preferablly free or with a one time cost which can effectively hide an IP address?

I am experimenting with Ultrasurf from http://ultrareach.com/ and have noticed on several IP address finding websites that it effectively changes my IP adress. Now I know with all VPN or PROXY services it is best to not go to websites which require passwords as they can log them. However is it possible that Ultrasurf keeps peers from logging my IP address on utorrent? I started up utorrent and it seemed to work fine. I am unsure if I need to make and changes to any settings to get it to use the new IP address.

Any help would be appreciated.



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It may possibly help you with YOUR QUESTION

---- Cox Customer Safety <abuse@cox.net> wrote:

Dear Customer,

This message is to advise that Cox Communications has received a notice claiming that you are using your Cox High Speed Internet service to post or transmit material in violation of U.S. Copyright law. We have included a copy of the complaint, which identifies the party raising it and the material claimed to be infringing.

--- The following material was provided to us as evidence ---

You are being contacted on behalf of NBC Universal and its affiliates ("NBC Universal") because your Internet account was identified as having been used recently to illegally copy and/or distribute the copyrighted movies and/or television shows listed at the bottom of this letter. This notice provides you with the information you need in order to take immediate action that can prevent

My reply to my said complaint.

“We have permanently deleted from our computer(s) all unauthorized copies of said complaint.”


ABOUT: my said complaint;

Many people are not aware that most file-sharing programs, such as BitTorrent, place downloaded files into a 'shared' directory that will allow others to access these files. We understand that you were likely unaware of this. We recommend that users of peer-to-peer networks disable the 'sharing' feature of their client to avoid further complaints. For additional help or instructions pertaining to disabling the sharing feature, please consult the documentation for your specific software package. If the material listed has been removed or access has been disabled, then you have done your part to address this matter.

We appreciate your cooperation.


Cox Customer Security

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1> http://dmca.cs.washington.edu/

Many people are not aware that most file-sharing programs, such as BitTorrent, place downloaded files into a 'shared' directory that will allow others to access these files.

Whoever wrote that has absolutely no idea how BitTorrent actually works, as such their advice and information cannot be considered reliable.

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