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Remove And Delete .torrent + Data = Send to Recycle Bin, WHY?


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Delete should mean DELETE.

The extra step of sending .torrent + Data to Recycle Bin,

and then having to empty Recycle Bin annoyingly grinds my hard drive and slows my puter.

How do I make it actually DELETE from within utorrent?

Is there a checkbox I'm missing in preferences,

or is this a feature request / mislabeled option that has yet to be addressed?

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For me, using µTorrent 2.2.1, that is exact the effect I get (i.e., there is a permanent deletion and nothing ends up in the recycle bin). Perhaps it depends on how you invoke "Delete torrent and data"; I invoke it by selecting the intended torrent in the main µTorrent window, then pressing Shift+Delete, as I would in Windows Explorer -- how do you invoke it ?

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