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Small problem


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Hi, i have recently purchased a Mac so I am new to the inner workings.

For this reason I apologise if this question seems stupid!

Anyway; Utorrent is working fine for me - great Download speeds etc. everything is working as i would expect - until i turn my mac off and back on again.

Everytime I reboot i have to reinstall Utorrent and I cant figure out why?

Once I do reinstall the torrents that were already downloading just carry on from where they left off... I really can't figure this one out.

ps. this is the only program it does it with, all other programs/apps are working fine.

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How do you "install" µTorrent? It should be dragged over to your applications folder.

I have the same problem. This doesn't help. Can you be more specific? Im tired of having to reinstall torrent every time i download something. Then utorrent shows up as as a hard drive with the option to "eject" it from my macbook. What did I do wrong?

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